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YMail Sign Up – How to Create a Yahoomail.com Account

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular web email services that over the years have constantly improved user experience. Despite increasing competition from its rivals like gmail and outlook (previously known as hotmail or windows live), yahoo is still a force to reckon with. Yahoo mail sign up is fairly a simple process for anyone interested in its web email services. You should start by launching your favorite browser and typing www.yahoomail.com in the address bar. You will be redirected to a page which should give you both sign up and login options to choose from depending on whether you are an existing user or want to be a new user. The following screenshot image shows the purple colored “Sign Up” button that you will need to click to start the process.

Yahoo Mail sign up

The next step of the www.yahoomail.com sign up as shown in the image below involves entering of some few personal details to become a user of the web email service. You will have to provide your first name and last name, and some email usernames will be suggested for you to choose from. You can also ignore the suggested usernames and pick your preferred username as long as its availability will be confirmed during the process. While you choose your password, you can check the “show” box otherwise it is hidden for security. A mobile phone number is one of the details required and has to be verified before the registration process is completed. After providing all the necessary information, check the box for “I agree to the Yahoo Terms and Privacy”, then click on the “Create account” button. 

Yahoo Mail sign up form
After submitting your www.yahoomail.com registration form, you will immediately see the screen shown in the image below.

Yahoo account created

In seconds, you will be redirected to your new yahoo mail inbox as shown in the image below. It has a new look with a user friendly interface that promises a better experience for users to perform email tasks much faster. With the yahoo mail sign up completed, you can immediately start composing, sending and receiving email messages.

Yahoo Mail inbox

After successfully signing up for your yahoo email address and signing in, you can start customizing and personalizing it according to your preferences. After the first yahoo mail logon, you are automatically prompted to personalize your inbox by choosing your preferred theme. You can certainly do it at that stage or choose to do it later using the button provided at the bottom of the left side pane. Check the image provided below clearly showing the two options for changing your yahoo inbox themes.

Yahoo Mail themes

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