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Yahoo mail is one of the most popular web email services that over the years have constantly improved user experience. Despite increasing competition from its rivals like gmail and outlook (previously known as hotmail or windows live), yahoo is still a force to reckon with. Yahoo mail sign up is fairly a simple process for anyone interested in its web email services. You should start by launching your favorite browser and typing www.yahoomail.com in the address bar. You will be redirected to a page which should give you both sign up and login options to choose from depending on whether you are an existing user or want to be a new user. The following screenshot image shows the purple colored “Sign Up” button that you will need to click to start the process.

Yahoo Mail sign up

The next step of the www.yahoomail.com sign up as shown in the image below involves entering of some few personal details to become a user of the web email service. You will have to provide your first name and last name, and some email usernames will be suggested for you to choose from. You can also ignore the suggested usernames and pick your preferred username as long as its availability will be confirmed during the process. While you choose your password, you can check the “show” box otherwise it is hidden for security. A mobile phone number is one of the details required and has to be verified before the registration process is completed. After providing all the necessary information, check the box for “I agree to the Yahoo Terms and Privacy”, then click on the “Create account” button. 

Yahoo Mail sign up form
After submitting your www.yahoomail.com registration form, you will immediately see the screen shown in the image below.

Yahoo account created

In seconds, you will be redirected to your new yahoo mail inbox as shown in the image below. It has a new look with a user friendly interface that promises a better experience for users to perform email tasks much faster. With the yahoo mail sign up completed, you can immediately start composing, sending and receiving email messages.

Yahoo Mail inbox

After successfully signing up for your yahoo email address and signing in, you can start customizing and personalizing it according to your preferences. After the first yahoo mail logon, you are automatically prompted to personalize your inbox by choosing your preferred theme. You can certainly do it at that stage or choose to do it later using the button provided at the bottom of the left side pane. Check the image provided below clearly showing the two options for changing your yahoo inbox themes.

Yahoo Mail themes


YMail Login – YMail Sign In

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services on the web today. You have to successfully perform a yahoo mail login in order to access your email messages. This is quite simple to do as long as you have a working internet connection and a browser installed on your computer. It will take you just a minute or even a few seconds to log into your yahoo email account. You must have created or signed up for a yahoo mail account in the past so that you can be able to login in the first place. At www.yahoomail.com, you will find both the options to login or create a yahoo mail account.

A yahoo mail login process can be achieved in several ways. The first one is by typing in the url www.yahoomail.com directly into the address bar of your browser and after that you will have the sign in page shown in the image below.

Yahoo Mail Login

You need a yahoo id and password so that you can enter them into their respective fields and then click on the “Sign in” button. Secondly, if you would like to avoid having to enter your yahoo mail login details every time you want to login to check mail, you should make sure to keep checked the box next to “keep me signed in”. However, for your email security and privacy reasons you should not use that option on public computers as unauthorized users may access your yahoo email account. You should only use that feature on your personal computer or other device. For it to work, you will also need to make sure that your browser allows the yahoo mail cookie to be saved. Do not clear cookies or sign out after checking mail if later on you want to automatically sign in. However, yahoo mail will automatically sign out after 2 weeks and then you will have to enter your login details again.

The third way of performing the yahoo mail login can be done immediately after you have just signed up or created your yahoo account. Remember you still have to enter the url www.yahoomail.com in order to start the sign up process. Once you finish the process, you will be automatically logged into your account and find the first email welcoming you to the service. Only during the next time you visit will you be required to enter the yahoo mail login id or username and password.


How to Manage Your Contacts In Yahoomail.com

The new yahoo mail at www.yahoomail.com allows you to add contacts in a more flexible manner than ever before. You can add email addresses of people you intend to communicate with to the list of your contacts. You can have your settings allow you to automatically save contacts from the details of recipients of your emails. Similarly, you can get contacts from people you receive email messages from. These two yahoo mail capabilities allow your contact list to grow without as you continue to send and receive email messages. Little efforts are required because the contacts are added automatically. Another easier way to add contacts is by importing them from other web email services like gmail or even another yahoo email account. You can also import contacts from social networks like facebook or even upload a contact file from your own computer. 

All the various methods of adding contacts to your yahoo mail account simply the process which in turn makes future email communication easier. The following screenshot image shows how the contacts section looks like and the options available for adding contacts.


To add a new contact manually, simply click on “New contact”. A new “Add Contact” from will open up with blank fields provided for you to enter first name, middle name, last name, email, mobile, work details and the like. The screen image below shows how the “Add Contact” form looks like.


Importing contacts for your new yahoo mail account is a great option. If you have another yahoo account, gmail, facebook or any other supported account, you can easily import contacts and start sending them the emails you compose. You do not have to use the manual process of adding new contacts which can be quite tedious. Importuning contacts will only require a few clicks to authorize the access of contact details and addition of the same to your new yahoo email account. Even if your other account where you want to import contacts from is not supported, you can always first save the contact list in a CSV file. Then you can easily import contacts from the contact file. The following screenshot image clearly shows some of the popular sources where you can import contacts from.


The “Import contacts” option allows you to create your contact list in minutes and can be very useful if you have many contacts in other accounts. It is a great way of integrating and simplifying your communications so that when need be you can use a single platform rather many of them.


Manage events and things to do using the new yahoo mail calendar options. After signing up for the new yahoo mail account at www.yahoomail.com, you can start using the amazing features that come with the yahoo mail calendar. The calendar is a useful tool for managing your personal time. You can mark on your calendar all the important dates with events or things you plan to do. These could be dates or time for anniversaries, birthdays, work, attending school, visiting doctor, meetings, making calls and so on. You can share your calendar with other users and they can also do the same, while you can also create several calendars depending on your personal needs. Your yahoo mail calendar can display daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views depending on your personal preferences as you manage your time. 


When you click on the “New Event” button as shown on the screenshot image above, you will get a dialogue box where to enter your details as shown in the screenshot image below. You can choose the start and the end dates or time, whether the event is to repeat, location, invitees, notes for description purposes, set reminder and choose the event type. After selecting the desired event details, click the “Save” button. The event details will be successfully saved on your calendar.


By right clicking on any date on your calendar, you can also successfully create a new event for the particular date. The two options you get immediately you right click are “New Event” and “Open Detailed View” as shown on the screenshot image below.


The dialogue box that displays for the new event for the particular date will show the timeline based on hours and the minutes. You will add the name or title for the event, choose location and click “Save” not unless you want to click on the “Add More Details” first.


There is a lot to do on your yahoo mail calendar including creating new calendars and to do lists. You can show or hide the calendars and the “ToDos” by choosing the appropriate options shown on the screenshot image below. Your to do list is categorized based on priority as urgent, important or normal. From the “Actions” drop down arrow shown below, you can also add holidays, friends calendars or subscribe to other calendars.


If you choose to create a new calendar, you can enter its name, choose color, share it with specific people through email or with anyone using your public calendar link.


You can also create a new to do list and share it with specific people through email.



Some of the most useful features in the new yahoo mail for organizing email messages include folders and filters. You can create folders into which you can sort email messages using filters based on any desired criteria. The criteria can be on what the email message contains about the sender, recipient, subject or the email body. To start creating a folder in yahoo mail, click on the “Folders” section and the following screen will appear. Click on the “Add Folder” button as shown.


Provide the name of your folder like in this case the new folder to create is “WORK”. Click the “OK” button to proceed and the new folder will be created.


The new folder created will be empty and therefore nothing will display in the viewing area. Only later once emails are received and sorted into the folder will they display in a similar manner as they do when you select “inbox”. You can create many folders depending on how you would like to organise your email messages. The folders will be displayed in a list and you will be able to click each to view its contents.


In order to sort emails into any of the folders you create, you must also create filters. These will define the criteria for sorting the emails into the folders. To start doing that, click on the settings icon and choose “Settings”. Once the settings dialogue box opens, click on the “Filters” section and then the “Add” button to start creating a filter.


The new filter dialogue box will appear as shown in the screen below. Enter the name of the filter to create and choose options that will determine the criteria of filtering or sorting emails. You might decide to name filters like the folders they are supposed to filter emails into. However, you can have many filters sorting email messages into the same folder. That means it may also help to name filters based on the subjects of the email messages. After selecting the rules that should apply for the messages, select the folder where they will be sorted into. In the case of our example as shown in the screenshot image below, the “WORK” folder previously created has been selected. After that just click on the “Save” button and the process will have been completed.


Yahoo mail therefore uses both folders and filters to ensure messages are received and organized as desired by the user. That way it becomes easier to access them while they may not need to clutter the inbox.


Yahoo Mail Inbox Features

With new full featured yahoo mail web email service, you will discover that the inbox now has many improvements. Your email messaging experience at www.yahoo.mail.com has become much better. The yahoo mail inbox has a clean looking user-friendly interface. You can now read your mails better without anything getting in your way. The following screenshot image shows how the new inbox looks like.

Yahoo Mail inbox

From the yahoo mail inbox, you can quickly preview your emails to save time when reading your emails messages. You simply click on an email message and it is immediately displayed in a preview pane. This is very useful if you are not sure which email contains certain information you may want to access quickly without necessarily opening the email. The screenshot image below shows the inbox with a list of email messages and a preview pane below them showing the contents of the particular email highlighted from the list.

Yahoo email preview

When you open an email for reading, you can also easily move on to read the next one without leaving the inbox at all. This provides a great experience for users as it makes it possible to read all the email messages in the inbox much faster. The screenshot image below shows where to click to either navigate to the next email or the previous one.


Yahoo mail inbox has features that make it easy to organize your email messages. You can delete, move, mark as spam or perform more functions on any selected email message from the list in the inbox. These can help you maintain only the email messages you would like to read. Messages with the same subject are grouped as conversations and that also enhances your reading experience. From the inbox, you can easily access drafts, sent email messages, spam messages, trash, folders and recent emails. All these help in organizing your yahoo mail inbox. You can also personalize the inbox with your preferred themes.

You can enhance your experience with the yahoo mail inbox by choosing the right settings for viewing and writing email messages. You will access any of these options under the settings menu which drops down when you click on the settings button found at the top right corner of the screen. As shown in the screenshot image below, the “viewing email” settings section allows you to choose how to view message lists, preview pane options, message list density, time to mark emails as read, what happens after moving a message and preferred yahoo mail version.


Under settings, you will also find the “writing email” section with several options to choose from. These include saving copies of messages in sent folder and automatically adding recipients to contacts when sending email messages. You can also choose settings for default rich text font and signature as shown in the screenshot image below.